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Dinner with The Real Power Players @ The Winery (Surry Hills) and Nield Avenue (Rushcutters Bay)! Amazing Restobar!

Nield Avenue



The Winery by Gazebo


Double Birthday Bash @ HUGOS Kings Cross: Cheers to that!!!


Im really sorry about the quality of the pics, i took it from my phone! Cmon who brings real camera these days!



but of course!!!! SHOT SHOT SHOT and SHOT!

Even cars in Australia have BALLS: A road trip to CANBERRA!

I have been living in Sydney for almost a year now, I have to admit that I’m loving it. The lifestyle itself, small trendy bars, hot aussie men, cocktails, healthy food and my job. My partner’s friend invited us to visit Canberra on the weekend. So I packed my HUGE Mulberry bayswater bag and hit the road. Australians have this tradition that when you go on a road trip you have to stop at Maccas. It’s mandatory…(personally I prefer Hungry Jacks :P) anyway we were on our way to Canberra, when we saw this van with balls, literally HUGE balls dangling from the back of the truck. We couldn’t stop laughing…it was so hilarious!!! Welcome to Australia mate! Where even the cars have balls!!

Parliament House

The War Memorial

On our way to National Gallery of Australia ( Sculpture Garden)

There’s no place like HOME: Our new apartment in the heart of Sydney! I love everything about it!

Hello Gorgeous People! I’M BACK! Before I tell you tons of new stories, I would like to apologize to my readers because I haven’t updated my blog for ages! Ive been very busy with work and different stuff! My first story is We found a new place in the CITY (like in the center of the city) FINALLY! It’s like one minute to everything – After waiting for almost 8 months, we found it! Heaven on the 38th floor in Sydney’s CBD.

Thank God, I dont have to worry about going home when I’m drunk because I can just call a taxi! When I was living in Tokyo, I thought it was  the most expensive city  BUT living in Australia is way more expensive! ridiculously expensive but TOTALLY WORTH IT! It’s like living in a five star hotel! I LOVE IT! til next time! CIAO





“I AM” Photographic Exhibition By Simon Lister: Gorgeous and Talented Guy!

This photo reminds me of the famous afghan girl “GULA” from 1985 cover of National Geographic!

The taste of Pina Colada @ RAMBUTAN Lounge (Darlinghurst): Sydney, I love You mate!

First of all, I wanna apologise to my readers that I have not been updating my blog for these past few weeks! Im still trying to get used to my SYDNEY Lifestyle! I can say that Sydney is pretty much the combination of TOKYO & MANILA for me! Tokyo because Fashion, Food, Bars, Architecture, Art, Night Life, Shopping Center, Cocktails etc. and Manila simply because Australian People are the same as Pinoy (Filipino) people! They are warm, family-oriented, laid back and drunk all the time (Im talking about Aussie Bogans)! I love Australia! Sydney is my 3rd home now! You know that  I’m a simple person right?! all I wanted is simple life! BWAHAHA! that’s completely bullshit! No im not simple! NOT AT ALL! Im not that boring! f*ck simple when you can be a little extravagant! I always wanted to live in a nice apartment in the city with a gorgeous man, get a fabulous job that I want (a job that I can be creative and happy), build my own business/empire, cocktails with friends, attend amazing fashion events/cool parties and visit my family  overseas! Well, I’ve got exciting news to share to you! Well I got a job in a high-fashion company in the city and me and my gorgeous partner found  a beautiful apartment in the city! Its gonna be fun! Interior designing, new set of fashion workmates, furniture hunting and Of course! house parties! Its funny because i’m already living my dreams! ALMOST! And whats next?! …

To buy a new cool camera (Sorry for the quality of my photos! I used my phone and I was ridiculously smashed!) and DREAM BIGGER!

TAFE Sydney Institute: Sparkies, Foodies and Fashionistas Exhibition! Celebrating 120 years of TRAINING, CREATING & INSPIRING!


Sydney TAFE has been training people in the trades, professions and service industries for 120 years, since 1891.

Did you know Sydney Institute was the first site for UTS, UNSW, the Powerhouse Museum as well as Sydney Boys High School and Sydney Technical High School?

With over 900,000 graduates including Charles Kingsford Smith, Alex Perry, Ita Buttrose, Donna Hay and Paul Keating – Sydney’s TAFE, has trained Australians who have shaped our lives.

Its surprising history features in this exhibition where you will see artefacts and photos that have never before been on public display.

View firsthand the latest techniques and technology used to train our students in areas such as engineering, architecture, fashion, hospitality and electronics.