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Gucci Icon-Temporary Party TOKYO

I was looking for my black gucci polo shirt on June 15, 2010 for the Gucci Icon-Temporary opening party. The event took place in Takano Hills, Shinjuku. The grammy award winning dj/musician/producer Mark Ronson collaborated on the design for the Gucci shoes. The Ronson sneakers are very modern and graphic-centric. It was his final tour after Miami, New York and London, together with Sam Sparro and Theopilus London of Chauffer.
The party was also attended by many famous guests including Ai Tominaga, Dj Verbal and his wife Yoon, Yuya ( famous hair dresser ) and gorgeous BabyMary Faline who is also a friend of mine. The highlight of the night was meeting fantastic people like Misha Fleming a fashion stylist and journalist for different magazines and newspapers like the Japan Times and CNN International and lovely Kyoko Masunari who is an editor of Gap Groupe Avant Premier. It was really amazing to meet people who have the same passion and talk the same language as I do. The beauty of style, harmony, grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity.


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