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Chord Overstreet (Sam Evans of GLEE) for VMAN Magazine: A gorgeous gleeful creature! BLONDE!


The new season of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 16: Who’s gonna be the next high fashion girl? SMIZE!



Jersey Shore S3 drew 8.45 million viewers! I told you! You’re gonna love this show!

The premiere of reality Jersey Shore season 3 got the highest views in the history of MTV last Thursday! WOW! People just love watching classy cat fights (lol!), dirty hookups and endless major drama. They are back in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. You will see the new twin sister of Snooki (the exact replica!), Deena Nicole Cortese, the new guidette member. The 3rd season drew attention before it even aired, when Snooki was arrested drunk last July. I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be nastier because of the new member Deena, She’s epic! I love her already!

I don’t kiss and tell! So better watch the 1st episode of Jersey Shore Season 3!

Jersey Shore Scandal

From slutty/trashy outfits to classy gowns and social grace!

The makeover of the Jersey Shore girls was really impressive! Snooki, J-woww and Sammi appeared in the Harper’s Bazaar May 2010 issue! The girls had a photo spread with Danielle Levitt and lessons in etiquette by Manhattan Socialite Tinsley Mortimer and Lizzie Post…but who needs moral values when you can party like them!

They are the party animals of the new era! The Jersey Shore, a reality tv show that portrays stereotype guidos and guidettes. The first season was controversial because of their GTL (gym, tanning and laundry) lifestyle, big hair, ghetto fashion sense, filthy mouths and crazy parties. But wait…there’s more! The physical abuse is the highlight of the show. Snooki is amazing! Violence towards women is a big NO but watching her get punched in the face so many times is legendary! Season 2 is out and they are all back for another round of madness! Unwind and forget your stress by watching crazy and stupid people!

FINAL 3: America’s Next Top Model Cycle 15

3. KAYLA , from Rockford, Illinois ” The Free & Gorgeous Lesbian”

2. KENDAL, from Northport, ” The Born to be Model”

1. ANN WARD, from Dallas, Texas ” The Giant Ugly Duckling who became a Swan”

These are my predictions for ANTM cycle 15’s final three. I’m really excited for this cycle because the theme is “Welcome to High Fashion”. These 3 contenders are the perfect fit for the job. I don’t need Oracle Paul the Octopus to predict the winner, clearly it’s Ann Ward…hopefully! 3 wins in a row already.

The prizes are spectacular – a spread and cover of Vogue Italia, a cover of Beauty in Vogue, contract with IMG Agency and a 100,000 contract with Covergirl Cosmetics.

These photos were taken by the famous photographer, Matthew Rolston. I really loved his unique ideas in judging time when he said “Ann is memorable. That’s the biggest thing you can be. That’s a star quality”, then when Tyra asked “What do you think about her being 6″2′?”, to which Rolston replied  “There are rules being broken. Look at Kate Moss, she’s tiny….YOU CAN BREAK THE RULES IF YOU ARE EXTRAORDINARILY GIFTED IN OTHER WAYS”. Well said, Matthew!