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MULBERRY: Gift for 3 year Anniversary! A Picadilly Leather Bag…

Mulberry Picadilly bags are genuinely British leather bags. It’s a European brand that has been around for century now and yet still is able to maintain it’s reputation as a luxury brand that blends functionality and style into lavishly designed leather bags that makes a chic statement. I found this gift on my pillow this week! I was so surprised and overwhelmed! Who wouldn’t be?!  I love bags, especially big ones! It blew me away! I didn’t even know they have Mulberry in Tokyo! Apparently they have one at Ginza! He said it was a gift for our 3 year anniversary, Christmas and birthday next year! I don’t mind if it was his last gift! It’s not just a bag! It’s a MULBERRY PICADILLY LEATHER BAG! Thanks Love! For all the years of stupidity and craziness I put you through! I don’t think I deserve this……….not!


Just Got home from work! It’s funny because he was sad! He thought I don’t have anything for him! Stay tuned for the next one!


It’s not what you wear, It’s WHO you wear.

Modern colognes that define classic men.

What kind of man are you?

Who is your man?

1. A guy who is very balanced, quiet, subtle and mysterious.

Contents: Lavender, Cocoa and Haitian vetiver.

Recommended for: Evening Wear

2. A guy who is very cool,  outgoing and happy.

Contents: Wealth of Flower, Citrus and Mandarin

Recommended for: Daytime Wear

3. A guy who is seductive, charismatic and sexy.

Contents: Harmony of Tobacco, Cardamom and Amber.

Recommended for: Evening Wear

4. A guy who is minimal, a nature lover, simple and sophisticated.

Contents: Jasmine, Hyacinth and Lemon.

Recommended for: Summer Wear

5. A guy who is modern, distinctive, bold and stylish.

Contents: Apple, Olive flower and Sandalwood.

Recommended for: Evening Wear

6. A summery guy with sun-toasted skin who loves the ocean.

Contents: Grapefruit, Deep Blue Sea Accord and Peppermint.

Recommended for: Summer Wear

7. A guy who is very strong, masculine, smooth and well-pressed.

Contents: Rosemary, Incense and Spearmint.

Recommended for: Fall or Winter Wear

8. A guy who is  sensuous and creative.

Contents: Basil, Papyrus, Vanilla and Sage.

Recommended for: Evening Wear

9. A guy who is fresh, clean cut and young.

Contents: Sandalwood, Patchouli and Oranges.

Recommended for: Daytime Wear

10. A guy who is very romantic, fanciful and extravagant.

Contents: Coriander, Brazilian Rosewood, Nutmeg and Oakmoss.

Recommended for: Evening Wear


Thanks to my Father who, since I was young, influenced me to wear one everyday.