party animals, fashionistas and fab people.

The fashionable ambience of STITCH Bar at York St, Sydney: It’s like dinner in the Project Runway work room!

Before anything else, I wanna say a Big Thank You to all my readers! It s been 8 months since I started this blog of mine. Ever since I moved to Sydney last month, I’m enjoying it more and more and MORE! The lifestyle, beautiful people (as in GORGEOUS people! in and out!) healthy food, BEACH and Sydney fashion! Anyways, We got invited to this casual dinner by my partner’s university friends at this hidden cool bar/restaurant STITCH Bar. I think it was a clothing factory before because of the design of the place, the fabrics and sewing machine at the front door and the different clothes patterns glued in the walls! Interesting place with smart people (I’m beginning to think smart people are interesting! LOL!).

Mack ducky dog with curly fries

Duck, orange and pistachio sausage with foie gras de canard and truffle sauce.

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