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Private House Party with Swedish Mafia: Beautiful People and Spectacular View @ Potts Point!


There’s no place like HOME: Our new apartment in the heart of Sydney! I love everything about it!

Hello Gorgeous People! I’M BACK! Before I tell you tons of new stories, I would like to apologize to my readers because I haven’t updated my blog for ages! Ive been very busy with work and different stuff! My first story is We found a new place in the CITY (like in the center of the city) FINALLY! It’s like one minute to everything – After waiting for almost 8 months, we found it! Heaven on the 38th floor in Sydney’s CBD.

Thank God, I dont have to worry about going home when I’m drunk because I can just call a taxi! When I was living in Tokyo, I thought it was  the most expensive city  BUT living in Australia is way more expensive! ridiculously expensive but TOTALLY WORTH IT! It’s like living in a five star hotel! I LOVE IT! til next time! CIAO





TRANNYLICIOUS Party @ Midnight Shift (Oxford Street) : “Don’t be a DRAG, Just be a QUEEN”!


HATERS, THIS IS ALL FOR YOU!: Rally for Marriage Equality at Sydney Town Hall!

The real essence of being a woman is wearing an Alexander McQueen Wedding Dress and Being Happy, Isn’t it?!: The Duchess of Cambridge was Captivating!

When I finished work last Friday, I had the chance to see the famous Royal Wedding. Something about weddings excites me, It’s not the person but the WEDDING DRESS and sometimes the VOWS (I lied, I don’t really believe in vows anymore! It’s all bulls*** these days! DIVORCE!). Every time I go to a wedding or watch a wedding in a movie, I’m always excited about the dress… It’s all about the dress. Anyways, back to story… I was waiting for almost 30 minutes just to have a quick peek of the wedding dress, It was totally WORTH IT! The dress was simply STUNNING! Princess Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge was AHHH-MAZING! Alexander McQueens name was all over that dress! The style was traditional and modern all together!  Reminded me of Sex and The City when Carrie stepped out wearing the VIVIENNE WESTWOOD Wedding dress …with the bird on her head!!!

It was every woman & gay man’s dream, to be married to the person they love, be happy and OF COURSE wear a Major Designer’s dress! It was a very memorable  moment for everyone! Most of the people stopped for a minute to see and imagine themselves in her shoes! It was a beacon to every normal woman that someday it will also happen to them…

LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER (We don’t know yet!)!

Other than that, Thanks for the Invitation Kate! Sorry I didn’t make it! CHEERS!

Of course! “Mr. Unisex” Andrej-ynous Pejic for VIVA! MODA Spring 2011: No.11 of Top 50 Models List!

Way to go Gorgeous!

COCO CUBANO at Taylor Square: One of the Cocos I like besides Coco Chanel!

While sitting comfortably in a classic Italian king-size chair, sipping my champagne in the Coco Cubano Cafe/Bar with friends – I thought to myself…Is this really how it feels to be in Cuba?! Relaxing? LOVE IT! This place offers exciting coffee choices, exotic cocktails, handmade Belgian waffles and a selection of premium cigars! For all the heavy smokers who love cuban cigars…INDULGE! Dont forget! Viva Revolucion!


*191 Oxford St Darlinghurst

Tel: 0450 956 395

*97 Darlinghurst Rd Kings Cross

Tel: 0450 956 380

Opening Soon 302 Church St Parramatta