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“The Men + Women of Marc Jacobs” book signing in Tokyo! BRIAN BOWEN SMITH / ROBERT DUFFY!

Thank God I went today! I was having second thoughts because I didn’t wanna wake up early and go out into the freezing cold! But I thought, just do it! Don’t be lazy! When I got there I was No.9! At least I made it to the semi-finals! lol!  It was fun though because I met a lot of good people in the queue!

I really felt jealous because the first person got the chance to choose from the Marc jacobs Store! Whatever they wanted! If  I only knew! I would have gotten there days before the event! I was looking forward to meeting the epic Brian Bowen Smith but he wasn’t there. Regardless, it was totally worth waiting for because I had the chance to talk with Robert Duffy, Micah Bunn, Reese Pozgay and B. Thom Stevenson.

My friend Akimoto (left) from Bowery Boys (Keiichi Nitta Studio)

Chic Micah Dunn

Ravishing Robert Duffy

She won the Miss Marc Jacobs Ultimate Fan! She got a black leather bag from Marc Jacobs for free! That bitch! jokes!  It could have been ME!

Robert Duffy

(Marc Jacobs Business partner)

Lovely and Funny Micah Bunn! I love her! She was so sweet!

Awesome Reese Pozgay

(Executive Business Assistant to President of Marc Jacobs International)

B. Thom Stevenson

My gorgeous friend Martin Webb

(Marketing & Communications Director of Marc Jacobs Japan)



It’s as heavy as Anna Wintour’s mock-up book!


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