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I WOULDN’T BE CAUGHT DEAD WEARING THAT situation: Le Must de Cartier Envelope Clutch Bag & Double Breasted Sports Jacket!

Hello hot stuff! I’ve been browsing the internet and different kinds of fashion magazines ever since I was a kid and I always admired those eccentric stylists & bloggers who wear extravagant designer clothes, beautiful furs, carry an “it’s to die for” bag and wear attention-seeker shoes! It amazes me that these people have such great style and I respect them because they’re not afraid to show the world their own statement as an individual! Like my grandma used to say “It’s not about the brand or money, it’s how you carry yourself” which I always stick to (but c’mon, let’s face it, if you don’t have money… it’s HARD!).

On the flip side, I always see people wearing expensive designer clothes BUT THEY LOOK WRONG! or…worst case scenario…CHEAP! I’m not a fashion expert or fashion guru but I know the difference between elegant, effortless STYLE and Ewww! I WOULDN’T BE CAUGHT DEAD WEARING THAT SITUATION! There’s a big difference! HUGE difference! Lesson No.1: some people have it ( STYLE!) some people don’t!

If you know you have it FLAUNT it!! If you don’t, it’s the end of the world! Time to kill yourself! lol! JUST KIDDING! Get some styling tips from a fashion mag or just check out what all the cute guys on the street are wearing and imitate their style! Imitation is the highest form of flattery after all ๐Ÿ™‚


Calibre Navy Blue Sportscoat

Tie Rack pocket square

belt from vintage shop

H&M Blue and white long sleeve from Tokyo

Ralph Lauren skinny fit jeans

Bally Suede Cap Toes


Double Breasted Sports Jacket from vintage shop

Ralph Lauren custom fit shirt

Burberry pocket square

Ralph Lauren Ethan pants

shoes from vintage shop


Of course! Le Must de Cartier Envelope Clutch Bag!


METRO MEN @ Young Australian Designers Market (Paddington Town Hall)! Nice Place and Beautiful People!

Amazing Leather Necklaces

Designed by: LEI WU


It’s not what you wear, It’s WHO you wear.

Modern colognes that define classic men.

What kind of man are you?

Who is your man?

1. A guy who is very balanced, quiet, subtle and mysterious.

Contents: Lavender, Cocoa and Haitian vetiver.

Recommended for: Evening Wear

2. A guy who is very cool,ย  outgoing and happy.

Contents: Wealth of Flower, Citrus and Mandarin

Recommended for: Daytime Wear

3. A guy who is seductive, charismatic and sexy.

Contents: Harmony of Tobacco, Cardamom and Amber.

Recommended for: Evening Wear

4. A guy who is minimal, a nature lover, simple and sophisticated.

Contents: Jasmine, Hyacinth and Lemon.

Recommended for: Summer Wear

5. A guy who is modern, distinctive, bold and stylish.

Contents: Apple, Olive flower and Sandalwood.

Recommended for: Evening Wear

6. A summery guy with sun-toasted skin who loves the ocean.

Contents: Grapefruit, Deep Blue Sea Accord and Peppermint.

Recommended for: Summer Wear

7. A guy who is very strong, masculine, smooth and well-pressed.

Contents: Rosemary, Incense and Spearmint.

Recommended for: Fall or Winter Wear

8. A guy who isย  sensuous and creative.

Contents: Basil, Papyrus, Vanilla and Sage.

Recommended for: Evening Wear

9. A guy who is fresh, clean cut and young.

Contents: Sandalwood, Patchouli and Oranges.

Recommended for: Daytime Wear

10. A guy who is very romantic, fanciful and extravagant.

Contents: Coriander, Brazilian Rosewood, Nutmeg and Oakmoss.

Recommended for: Evening Wear


Thanks to my Father who, since I was young, influenced me to wear one everyday.