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3 NYE parties in one night for 2011: 1.) GLITZ & GLAMOUR / VANITY LOUNGE TOKYO

After the dinner party with my family, we were drunk! We headed out to Roppongi or should I say Tokyo Sin City for the NYE party! The moment we got there (around 11 pm) I was surprised by the crowd! Heaps of people were out in the cold ready to party – I thought…tonight’s gonna be a good night! So we went to Vanity Lounge Tokyo! There was a long queue! I was shocked by the people who waited there for 2+ hours just to get inside! Lucky us – we didn’t have to wait outside and freeze our balls off! VIP baby! When we got inside, they started the countdown! That was the first time I celebrated my countdown in the entrance! But no complaints! I got my partner, my brother and friends! So it was all good! Nasty DJs played a great set and there were lots of beautiful people getting filthy on the dance floor!








DJ Tiffany Rossdale

Beer Man and The Bunny Girls (2011 is the Year of the rabbit)

Bob and my bro, Millan

The Dancers


The night was still young so we took a cab to our next destination! God! We were up for more!

Can you keep up?


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