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There’s no place like HOME: Our new apartment in the heart of Sydney! I love everything about it!

Hello Gorgeous People! I’M BACK! Before I tell you tons of new stories, I would like to apologize to my readers because I haven’t updated my blog for ages! Ive been very busy with work and different stuff! My first story is We found a new place in the CITY (like in the center of the city) FINALLY! It’s like one minute to everything – After waiting for almost 8 months, we found it! Heaven on the 38th floor in Sydney’s CBD.

Thank God, I dont have to worry about going home when I’m drunk because I can just call a taxi! When I was living in Tokyo, I thought it was  the most expensive city  BUT living in Australia is way more expensive! ridiculously expensive but TOTALLY WORTH IT! It’s like living in a five star hotel! I LOVE IT! til next time! CIAO






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