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I WOULDN’T BE CAUGHT DEAD WEARING THAT situation: Le Must de Cartier Envelope Clutch Bag & Double Breasted Sports Jacket!

Hello hot stuff! I’ve been browsing the internet and different kinds of fashion magazines ever since I was a kid and I always admired those eccentric stylists & bloggers who wear extravagant designer clothes, beautiful furs, carry an “it’s to die for” bag and wear attention-seeker shoes! It amazes me that these people have such great style and I respect them because they’re not afraid to show the world their own statement as an individual! Like my grandma used to say “It’s not about the brand or money, it’s how you carry yourself” which I always stick to (but c’mon, let’s face it, if you don’t have money… it’s HARD!).

On the flip side, I always see people wearing expensive designer clothes BUT THEY LOOK WRONG! or…worst case scenario…CHEAP! I’m not a fashion expert or fashion guru but I know the difference between elegant, effortless STYLE and Ewww! I WOULDN’T BE CAUGHT DEAD WEARING THAT SITUATION! There’s a big difference! HUGE difference! Lesson No.1: some people have it ( STYLE!) some people don’t!

If you know you have it FLAUNT it!! If you don’t, it’s the end of the world! Time to kill yourself! lol! JUST KIDDING! Get some styling tips from a fashion mag or just check out what all the cute guys on the street are wearing and imitate their style! Imitation is the highest form of flattery after all 🙂


Calibre Navy Blue Sportscoat

Tie Rack pocket square

belt from vintage shop

H&M Blue and white long sleeve from Tokyo

Ralph Lauren skinny fit jeans

Bally Suede Cap Toes


Double Breasted Sports Jacket from vintage shop

Ralph Lauren custom fit shirt

Burberry pocket square

Ralph Lauren Ethan pants

shoes from vintage shop


Of course! Le Must de Cartier Envelope Clutch Bag!


The taste of Pina Colada @ RAMBUTAN Lounge (Darlinghurst): Sydney, I love You mate!

First of all, I wanna apologise to my readers that I have not been updating my blog for these past few weeks! Im still trying to get used to my SYDNEY Lifestyle! I can say that Sydney is pretty much the combination of TOKYO & MANILA for me! Tokyo because Fashion, Food, Bars, Architecture, Art, Night Life, Shopping Center, Cocktails etc. and Manila simply because Australian People are the same as Pinoy (Filipino) people! They are warm, family-oriented, laid back and drunk all the time (Im talking about Aussie Bogans)! I love Australia! Sydney is my 3rd home now! You know that  I’m a simple person right?! all I wanted is simple life! BWAHAHA! that’s completely bullshit! No im not simple! NOT AT ALL! Im not that boring! f*ck simple when you can be a little extravagant! I always wanted to live in a nice apartment in the city with a gorgeous man, get a fabulous job that I want (a job that I can be creative and happy), build my own business/empire, cocktails with friends, attend amazing fashion events/cool parties and visit my family  overseas! Well, I’ve got exciting news to share to you! Well I got a job in a high-fashion company in the city and me and my gorgeous partner found  a beautiful apartment in the city! Its gonna be fun! Interior designing, new set of fashion workmates, furniture hunting and Of course! house parties! Its funny because i’m already living my dreams! ALMOST! And whats next?! …

To buy a new cool camera (Sorry for the quality of my photos! I used my phone and I was ridiculously smashed!) and DREAM BIGGER!

METRO MEN, METRO MEN, I LIKE METRO MEN! Who doesn’t?!: Finally I found what I’m looking for!

I don’t even know where to start! After working in fashion for like 1000000 years, I decided to do it on my own! So I’m going to open my shop in the city (Haymarket) this coming Saturday (Please be there!)! I’m starting with menswear for now because MEN are way easier to dress than women! Don’t get me wrong, I love styling women but I want to start working with what I know well! I’ll get there! Anyway, I’m really excited! My own style, own time frame, visual merchandising, showroom, models, fashion and amazing clothes and accessories! I took a BIG risk by investing my savings in this new venture of mine, but to tell you the truth I’m not worried about money, I’m worried about what the clients will want! We’ll see! They’ll definitely love it! I BELIEVE IN MYSELF! At the end of the day, if it doesn’t work, at least I did what I wanted to do and had fun with it! Isn’t that idea of FASHION and LIFE?! It’s supposed to be fun!

To all my beautiful readers: If you live in Sydney, please visit us in Paddy’s Haymarket this coming Saturday! All of our clothes (Slim-Fit suits & trousers, different types of shirt and ties) are HIGH-QUALITY and are going for Affordable PRICES! If you live in another fabulous city in this crazy world, please check out our Facebook Fan Page “METRO MEN” and LIKE  it! My online ordering system will be up and running soon for all you international fashionistas! Thanks gorgeous people!

La mia ossessione con Dolce&Gabbana

Dolce&Gabbana was started by the Italian designers Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana in Milan, Italy.  Their clothing designs are usually clean-cut, black in color and geometric in shape.

2 types of line:

Dolce&Gabbana: specializes in formal and timeless luxury items, responding to long-term trends rather than seasonal changes . They also sell elegant sunglasses, wallets and watches.

D&G: is a slightly more casual line that follows an urban inspiration and attempts to set trends rather than follow them. It is the younger, more flamboyant line of the brand. D&G sells watches as well as clothing. It’s gaining popularity fast  in Tokyo especially amongst young Japanese men & women.

La mia Collezione / My collection:

“When you see the pants or the skirt in profile, you see the movement of the body. I make this for the men and I want to make the same for woman, because the movement, the woman now is always, she wants to be sexy but in movement.”


REEM 2011 SS/AW Collection

Iraqi born, and living in London since her teens. Reem Alasadi has approached the fashion scene with her somewhat unquenchable drive and passion for design. Her creations always have their own unique signature to them, a personality of their own that seems to enhance the wearer.Reems clothes manage to always be a delightful combination of rarified costume exuberance and cool urban uniform. She is the intelligent choice on planet fashion.

Since 2005, Reem has showed as part of Tokyo Fashion week, a collaboration with the cool department store Laforet in the heart of Harajuku.  Each show packed to capacity, and drawing in press from Vogue Nippon to Numero, Dazed Japan etc.

2009 At London Fashion week Reem broke all the rules and sign-posted a revolutionary new way of showing, working and selling a fashion collection by combining two seasons on one runway. Breaking the mould of the staid and frankly outmoded (and rather quaint and outmoded) Fashion tradition of Spring Summer/Autumn winter Reem was able to show both seasons at the same time. This was ground breaking and the first time this has ever happened.

Exclusive opening of REEM at Laforet, Harajuku showing the 2011 SS/AW Collection “INTRAPMENT” ! I met the designer herself, Reem Alasadi.  Reworking antique looks is her signature style.

VOGUE: Fashion Night Out 2010 JAPAN

Miss Universe Japan 2010 Maiko Itai / Fashion model Ai Tominaga

Kiko Mizuhara, Elli-Rose Vancliffe, Sachiko Omori, YUYA and Joe.

September 11, 2010.

My 2nd year of FNO and I have to say a big thanks to Anna Wintour for inventing this crazy party! This event is for everyone from commoners to V.I.P.s. The purpose of FNO is to enjoy a night of shopping and at the same time be part of a fashion for a cause party. 16 countries celebrates this chic event in major cities like New York, Paris, Tokyo, London, Sydney and Milan.

In Tokyo, famous celebrities, top models, dj’s and the fashion industry superclass open the ceremony at 5:30/6:00. Following this is shopping time or as I call it “Brand Hopping”. You go to different boutiques and shops and check new trends. Some people buy cool clothes or just get drunk on free champagne and cocktails or snack on enticing finger foods like foie gras. Might as well indulge!

I’m not exactly sure what they do for the closing ceremony because by that time I am smashed and on my way to the next after party! The best things in life really are free.