party animals, fashionistas and fab people.

Jersey Shore Scandal

From slutty/trashy outfits to classy gowns and social grace!

The makeover of the Jersey Shore girls was really impressive! Snooki, J-woww and Sammi appeared in the Harper’s Bazaar May 2010 issue! The girls had a photo spread with Danielle Levitt and lessons in etiquette by Manhattan Socialite Tinsley Mortimer and Lizzie Post…but who needs moral values when you can party like them!

They are the party animals of the new era! The Jersey Shore, a reality tv show that portrays stereotype guidos and guidettes. The first season was controversial because of their GTL (gym, tanning and laundry) lifestyle, big hair, ghetto fashion sense, filthy mouths and crazy parties. But wait…there’s more! The physical abuse is the highlight of the show. Snooki is amazing! Violence towards women is a big NO but watching her get punched in the face so many times is legendary! Season 2 is out and they are all back for another round of madness! Unwind and forget your stress by watching crazy and stupid people!

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