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New Year’s Eve: A Family that gets drunk together, Stays together!


Kadomatsu (A Japanese New Year decoration)

Bottles of Dom Perignon Vintage

What can I say? My crazy family loves to eat heaps of food and drink like fish on New Year’s! Isn’t it the essence of New Years? Spending time with your family and friends, eating mountains of food and getting wasted! I couldn’t imagine my New Years without my family, friends, food and drinks! I’ve eaten at amazing restaurants in Tokyo, but it’s different compared to a home-cooked meal. It’s amazing! There’s no place like home! But my New Year’s Eve didn’t end just like that! We went to  some of the coolest parties. It was Epic! Stay tuned!

Smoked Ham, Bolognese, Fruits and minced Ootoro (high grade tuna) – from our favorite sushi shop in Ebisu.

Massive prawns sauteed in garlic, steaks and beef stewed with liver sauce.

Goodies on NYE: Thanks to my family, friends and some sponsors.

A gift from my brother (Gucci black zip around wallet)! May you be another lucky charm for me this year!

How was your New Year’s Eve? Looking forward to hearing from you! Cheers!

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