party animals, fashionistas and fab people.

Celebrating the Autumn/Winter Range and Typical Night Out at White Revolver in Bondi!

Every time I’m gonna see a notoriously stylish person pushing a garment rack on wheels in the city, reminds me of Visual Merchandiser. After finding this first job working in a fashion company in Sydney last month, It’s pretty much same routine in Tokyo (meeting hardcore Fashion People, Amazing Fashion Shows, Latest Trends, Endless Parties, Champagne and Funny Conversation). The only difference is I get paid weekly and higher salary compare to Tokyo! MUCH HIGHER!

After celebrating the New Autumn Winter Collection that night, the fun part began! The continuous flow of champagne, wine, beer and PIZZA! Well, if you know me that well, of course my night doesn’t end just like that! after that amazing fashion show night, I went to my workmates house because she had to change her outfit and continue our drinking session! Around 12, we were smashed and ready to get down and dirty in the club (White Revolver). We finished around 6 took a taxi home and ate breakfast, took a bath and went straight to work! Can you keep up? LOL… WELCOME TO MY LIFE!


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