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Oops! I’m in trouble! My First Red Card at the Art Gallery of New South Wales: Official Opening of “UNGUIDED TOURS” Part I!

It wasn’t a warning card but an invitation from a good client of mine who was one of the Artists! I was fashionably late AGAIN! As always, but better than NEVER! When I got to the Art Gallery of New South Wales! I was surprised because of  the huge amount of space they have compared to Tokyo… Well I guess that’s the normal size! I just got used to everything being small in Tokyo! Anyways, it was actually my first time to see an art exhibition in Sydney. I went straight to the Function for A Glass of Champagne because I desperately need a drink that night and started to mingle with people! It was so funny  that I even saw my partner’s friend from university whom I met 4 years ago! WHATTA  small world moment! They closed the bar around 7:30 which was so frustrating but LUCKILY, one of the hot waiters gave me 2 more glasses which made my night so PERFECT! When I started to get a little bit drunk (Yah right! little bit!) I started to check out those AHH-mazing MASTERPIECES! For some weird reason, I actually appreciate art when I’m drunk compared to when I’m sober! Is it just me? Don’t worry! I took some photos for you to make your life easier! Aren’t I nice? Well! Grab a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and relax! Sorry for the bad quality of the photos! I took them from my iphone! I can’t wait to share part II of this story. I’ll show you one of the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever seen in my life!

Congratulations to Jae Hoon Lee and all the Artists! You guys rock my world!

“Sunset in a Subduction Zone 1986” By: James Gleeson 1951-2008

“Five Bells 1963” (Oil in hardboard) By: John Olsen 1928

“Woman in Bath 1963” (oil, paper, graphite and tempera on plywood) By: Brett Whitely 1939-1992

“The fortune teller 1953 (Oil on canvas on hardboard)” By: Donald Friend 1951-1989

“The miraculous draught of fishes 1952 (oil on hardboard) By: John Passmore 1904-1984

“Morning underground 1922” (oil in canvas) By: Weaver Hawkins 1893-1977

“Untitled 1993” (synthetic polymer paint on canvas) By: Emily Kam Ngwarray 1916-1996

“Katie Lawrence at Gatti’s 1903” By: Walter Richard Sickert 1860-1942

“Head of a peasant 1884” By: Vincent Van Gogh (Netherland) 1853-1890

“The end of a dream (La fine di un sogno) 1908” By: Giuseppe Pennasilico (Italy) 1861-1940

“Ismenie, nymph of Diana 1878” By: Charles Landelle (France) 1821-1908

“Athlete struggling with a python 1881-91” By: Frederic Leighton (British) 1830-1996

“Eve 1908” By: Solomon J Solomon (British) 1860-1927


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