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My First Easter Egg Hunt in Sydney: I didn’t know Egg Hunting is so much fun when you are drunk!

I just wanted to share a memorable experience last week (Easter). I’m pretty sure most people around the world had a good Easter. Some people may get mad at me because I totally disobeyed some of Catholic beliefs, I went to work on Good Friday & Black Saturday, I ate meat on Good Friday (Sorry! It was my favorite dish!) and last but not least I didn’t go to church on Sunday to pay respect. Well I gotta work to merchandise the store and style my clients and make money, Don’t worry, on the bright side I got double time pay because it was Holidays. Totally worth it!

I went to the city with my partner on Sunday to have a good dinner. When we got home we got drunk with his family not knowing that his mother had made an Easter Egg Hunt for me. When I went to the bathroom, I was like ‘Why are there chocolate eggs here?!’. Then I saw them EVERYWHERE! Hiding in my bed, my clothes, my shoes! I got so excited because it was my very first easter Egg Hunt. I found all these!

I never knew that finding Easter Eggs was soo much fun especially when you’re drunk! It was my first Easter in Sydney! So far so good! More Holidays to come!


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