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The Timeless Beauty of the Strand Arcade 1891: The House of Australian Fashion!

There is something about this Victorian Building that captures the essence of timeless beauty. I was with my mother-in-law TO BE (Hopefully!), when she took me to this magnificent shopping center that can be found in the Sydney CBD (Central Business District). She told me that this building had been there since she was a kid, her mother used to take her there for shopping. I can tell that it’s an oldie but a GOODIE. It has impressive cedar staircases, stained glass windows and classic cabin elevators. What really excites me are the different Australian designers and their masterpieces in their beautiful boutiques.

It’s good to know that you can still find an old building that remains in its original form more than a century after being built. In my generation, everything changes in a blink of an eye: people, buildings, trends, food and so on… especially in the city. Hope this building will still be standing for my kids.




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