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Tokyo is my city but Sydney is my new home: A fresh saga of my typical life!


Many years living in Tokyo with my crazy family, delicious food, big skyscrapers, endless parties, fashion shows, fabulous friends and with my prince charming! eeeeewww! I mean with my partner was fun. I was satisfied with that but we decided to move to Sydney! WHY? I don’t know! After living in Sydney for a couple of weeks, everything is completely different! No rush hours and no more tiny food! Now you know why! I’m pretty sure that there are more other reasons why other people find it hard to live in Tokyo! Living in Australia made me realized that my life is just getting started…

The same feeling I felt exactly 6 years ago, when I moved to Tokyo from the Philippines. EXCITEMENT rushing through my blood for a new adventure, new people and the metropolis… It’s like in fashion, a new trend for the new season. But it’s not that easy to move to a new city – especially without your family and friends. Believe me it’s hard! I’m not an island or a loner, I can’t live without my family and friends. Lucky I didn’t move to Sydney alone. I’ve got my partner and his amazing family. They are part of my family now and I can always see my own family and friends through skype and facebook.

Mona Vale Beach

I had a good chat with my partner this afternoon, he asked me, “Do you know why we have a KANGAROO and an EMU on the Australian Coat of Arms?” I answered, “Because they’re your national animals” and then he replied ” Yeah, but it’s also because they can’t walk backwards, the idea being that Australians will always move forward – not backward!” Learning trivia makes me smile! Maybe that’s the reason why I’m destined to live in Australia – to learn how to live and MOVE FORWARD.

St. Mary’s Cathedral







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