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Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Topman and Sushi: Just Your Typical Friday!

Midori Sushi

Just another typical day last Friday! After visiting my crazy family in Meguro Tokyo, we went to our favorite sushi restaurant at Midori Sushi in Shibuya! It’s one of the best sushi restaurants in Tokyo! You have to try the magnificent maguro (tuna) salad! It’s amazing! This week is the last week for the winter sale so I decided to go shopping with my friends after lunch. We went to Gucci and said hi to a friend who works there. She gave us free drinks. After two glasses of champagne…

We we went to Marc Jacobs, the Laforet bazaar sale and Topman with 6 cans of Chu-Hi (canned alcoholic drinks) around 2pm! I was typsy but I shopped meticulously (I think!) I bought 2 pairs of shoes, 3 shirts, a scarf, bow ties, 2 knitwears, gloves and essentials at Isetan.

I had an amazing time! I love this simple life of mine!


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