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Dolce&Gabbana Womenswear SS 2011 Ad Campaign: A Inspirational story of Modern Women!

The story of a Modern Dolce&Gabbana Woman


A woman afraid to express her opinions, she thinks that she’s not a man’s equal as she has been treated badly by some men or society. She might not show her true nature openly yet, but there is a glimmer of hope in her upturned eyes…

She knows that if she stands up for herself, expresses her ideas, believes in herself and shows the world who truly she is, she might cause shock waves…

And there are some who would tell her that she must conform to the rules of society, but by staying true to herself, she becomes a role model for the women of the world.

She becomes a symbol of strength and independence – a beacon to other women who seek the same freedom. Inspired, they take up her cause…

and together with her friends, they fight the world everyday.

No more crying and weeping over men, they learn how to whip their hair back and forth!!

Go girl! Whip your hair Back and Forth!

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