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The Hollywood Stylist Rachel Zoe is having a baby BOY! Definitely the gayby of the year!


That news is so BANANAS! She confirmed through Twitter that she’s already 7 months ! Very good news, at least there’s an heir for all her vintage dresses and designer collections! I’m jealous! It’s gonna be hard for her because she’s planning her fashion show and her collections, AND it’s the middle of the awards season! She only has about one more month to go. Will she make it to the Oscar’s?! We can only hope for the best!


Rachel and her baby bump!


One response

  1. Eleanore Coyne

    Rachel, I’ve watched you for a long time and admire your ability to be so unique. Please don’t lose all your baby weight. You look so much younger with a few pounds. You were too skinny before you got pregnant. Enjoy life and the baby and eat!

    January 30, 2011 at 2:47 am

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