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3 NYE parties in one night for 2011: 2.) ASTRANCE Auberge de France Japon!

After the crowded Vanity lounge, it took us an hour to get to Astrance! It was a hidden place in Roponggi and some of the cab drivers were drunk as us (just kidding). Some taxi drivers are sneaky, they take you round and round the city and charge you ridiculous fares – but they didn’t fool us! I almost had a fight with them but I stopped myself because it was New Year‘s and I didn’t wanna spoil the night.  Astrance was cozy and classy with a touch of french style.

Amazing house music and it wasn’t super crowded! It was good for relaxing a taking a break before the next round of filthy dancing! Thanks to the hot and cool owner of Astrance, Daiki Endo! A very funny guy! But I still didn’t wanna end my night! I just cant get enough! New Year’s is once a year and we are who we are! Fuckin Party Animals! That’s how we roll! Next destination coming up! stay tuned!

To Be Continued…


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