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Happy New Year Everyone: Fireworks shooting from Katy Perry’s Boobs!

Nice job Katy Perry! It was an amazing song and video! Very inspirational! At the beginning I thought it was just blah, but after a bit I really got into it! It’s a fun video! The street thugs and the magician, the fighting family, the cancer patient, the overweight girl and of course the amazing guys kissing!

There is something about guys with shaved heads that give them that sexy bad boy mystique! They’re dangerous! A hot kiss from a hot guy without words! HOT! It’s sexy! I’m not into talking and cheesy stuff – let’s make out already!

But don’t get me wrong…I’m always gonna go for the guy with that special something – courageous guys who can stand up for themselves. Like Katy Perry says:

“Come on show ’em what you’re worth…Come on let your colors burst!”

Amazing  fireworks at the Sydney NYE Party at Luna Park, Australia

I’m pretty sure these didn’t come from Katy Perry’s boobs…but you never know!



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