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Keisuke Honda for GQ Japan: Definitely one of my men this year!

Oh my! There’s something about athletes that makes my body tingle (I’m talking about the hot ones!). Those amazing naked muscular bodies in the locker room, the sweat and strength that will put me in bed. Especially David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo! I love watching the game but from a different perspective…I wanna see them get half naked after scoring!

In the February issue of GQ Japan,  Japanese soccer player Keisuke Honda can be seen wearing a Tom Ford Tuxedo. I’m glad he changed the color of  his hair! Blonde? Really?! You’re Asian! I’m not into Japanese guys but if he’s an athlete and has a style, I’ll make an exception! After all…some Japanese are huge! Believe me!

Is he gonna be the no.1 soccer player/fashion icon for Tokyo? He looks way better than Hidetoshi Nakata.

He definitely has good style. Looks and style is a great combination!

Certified Metrosexual!


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