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One Night Stand with Perez Hilton (You wish!!!) at Shinjuku Nichome(Gay District)

This story was so ages ago, but I still wanted to dish some gossip for my readers out there! As far as I remember it was August 2009 – Sunday night in Shinjuku with friends. I was introduced to him by my Japanese-American friend who was showing Perez Hilton the Tokyo gay scene. He took Perez to Dragon (a popular gay bar for foreigners) first, then after that they went to Arty Farties (aka Arty’s!). We met him at Arty’s (famous gay club) and talked for a bit. He was funny but I think he liked my boyfriend! Well, who wouldn’t? He’s gorgeous and smart. Sorry honey…he’s taken!

Perez Hilton at Dragon  ( Nichome, Shinjuku)

I think he was a bit confused because hardly anyone knew who he was (I guess Japanese people don’t really know Perez!) but I’m glad I met him! It was amazing! It was a pleasure to meet someone so nice and funny! Next time we can have a threesome! Lol! I love meeting celebrities randomly like that! It’s nice to have a chance to talk to them like normal people and get to know them a bit! After all, they’re still human! Just with more personality or style (Come on! That’s why they’re famous after all!).

Looking forward to seeing you again in the future Perez! Next time we can braid each other’s hair and bitch about stuff! Cheers!

We love yah!

My Japanese-American Friends! Thanks Gorgeous! We had fun!


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