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What’s inside your bag? Condoms and LOUIS VUITTON! What else would I have?

I like to travel light because I hate carrying heavy stuff! I used to carry big bottles of cologne but I kept breaking them every time I got drunk! This is what I usually carry around whether I’m going to work,  lunch with my friends or parties! I just thought that it would be cool to share my personal stuff with you! I’m pretty sure all of us – girls, gays and even straight guys –  have something in our bags. Every Japanese girl in Tokyo carries a massive mirror in her purse…and the guys do too! Especially the Japanese guys with massive hair who are working as hosts in the city!

Forgive me! My only sin is vanity (…and gluttony…and sloth…the list goes on!!) My boyfriend told me I only have 2 of the cardinal virtues, but 5 of the deadly sins?! Oh, you’re so clean, huh? Go look at yourself! lol! Well…if being gay is a sin, I’m ready to burn in hell!

My executive chic Damier Graphite bag, magazine,

book (I don’t know how to read! I’m just pretending I’m smart!),

my leather notebook, iphone, lip balm (body shop), gay wax, my blue Ray Ban wayfarer glasses, gum, wallet and key holder.

Pretty basic stuff you need everyday!

FASHION SPEAK by David Meagher

Monogram Canvass 6 key holder (courtesy of my brother)

His and his matching Damier Graphite Brazza wallet set (so Asian! I also bought matching shirts! lol!)

Tambour Automatique Chronograph Brown Watch / Sleeveless Fur Jacket

“We are so sad and shallow! Loves it!”

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