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Baptiste Giabiconi for CHANEL: Best Paid Male Model Worldwide

Baptiste Giabiconi 20 years old from Marseille, France. He replaced Brad Kroenig as  Karl Lagerfeld new male muse. I watched him walking in runway for Chanel Show (Spring) in Paris! Drop Dead Gorgeous! He becomes the male face of  Fendi and Chanel!

Recently, he released his new music video…it was SHIT!  I’m pretty sure that Naomi Campbell was wrong when she told him“It’s not right: We all have defects. You have none.” Well there you go! He’s crap at singing and dancing! And the wardrobe was a total train wreck! He looked like one of the gorilla juicehead’s from Jersey Shore! You model for Lagerfeld for Chanel’s sake!

He should just model or be naked! He’s gorgeous!

We both love Chanel! who doesn’t?!



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