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Amazing Bangkok: They thought I was from Thailand!


Sawadika Everyone! I learned 2 words that made them believe I was from Thailand. Sawadika and Khob-kun-ka! That’s funny because every time I said sawadika to them, they replied in Thai! I was like uhhh…..ummm…. khob-kun-ka! There’s nothing special in the main city but the people are very nice and the food is so good and cheap. I gained 3 kilos in a week! I also like the Temples, Palaces (So gold and sparkly!) and also the Giant Reclining Buddha which I saw from the movie “The Beach“.

The National Animal of Thailand! The Hungry Elephant!

The Motorbike Festival with JD and Coke! we started drinking around 11 a.m.( New York time Baby!)

Pace Yourself! Drink Responsibly! lol!

The colorful “Gay  Taxi” / Trying to maintain my composure after drinking JD & Coke!

Street Fashion

The Party!

and the Food!

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